Our Interests

TGU Ltd takes a keen interest in testing and especially testing with Python, Jenkins and Linux. If you want to know more about software testing this wiki page will be a great place to start.

Our First Testing Article

Our first article on how to continually automate testing using Jenkins, PyTest can be found here. This article aims to show how a continually integrated environment can be put together to test a radio frequency generated with a LoRa wan enabled ESP development board programmed with MicroPython. This article also includes how to use a SDR with Linux in this test environment to obtain results. TGU sees allot potential in combining these technologies to test some high end or maybe even some obscure requirements.

Our First Proof of Concept SoC application

TGU undertook a project that allowed a ESP32 IMU/GPS enabled device to talk to another ESP32 Oled enabled device for three dimensional positioning. This project is still being documented and can be found here

Testing Technologies

In this section ( Which is still in development ) we will be looking at ...

  • What makes a good test
  • What makes a good test Framework
  • What tools are making industry standards


You can find TGU Ltd on Github or try emailing dev@[our-top-level-domain].