Esp32 Motion

This article is about setting up two ESP32 boards with micropython to capture and display pitch, roll, yaw and GPS coordinates in real time. The project also contains QT and QML code to display this captured data. The three devices of this project are ...

  • Standard ESP32 dev board (Link & Picture)
  • A ESP32 OLED dev board (Link & Picture)
  • A Sparkfun 9OD motion board (Link & Picture)

The github source can be found here (Link required)

The project can be broken down into these components

  • The Network
  • The Display
  • The IMU
  • The SD card
  • The GPS Unit

Micropython modules used in this project comprises of

  • Fusion
  • Coroutines


The Display

The repositry

Using Fusion

Using Coroutines

The Network

The Patches